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Byeong Gi Lee

Position Statement

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. We may well be proud of belonging to such an esteemed institute with that valuable goal. Within the IEEE, Societies and Councils are the very entities that conduct technical activities and thereby generate the major portion (over 75%) of IEEE’s revenue. For IEEE to faithfully fulfill the goal of “advancing technology,” it has to strongly support its Societies and Councils. In reality, however, the support is poor and the IEEE operation is not well focused on the advancement of technologies. The IEEE imposes heavy taxes on Societies under the name of “Infrastructure Charges,” placing big financial burdens on Societies (Societies have to work hard to pay the taxes!) IEEE has a large size of paid staff (over 1,000), which is expensive to maintain, but its services are often focused away from supporting technical/Society activities. If elected, I will exert every effort to more properly align IEEE’s operation with IEEE’s institutional goal of advancing technology for humanity.

E-mail : blee@snu.ac.kr   More Info : http://www.ByeongGiLee.com ,  http://tsp.snu.ac.kr